We are the No 1 agency to provide all India services for registration food license ( FSSAI)  online. we have a dedicated team to support you in getting a food license fast. We have registered 5000+ applications all over pan India. Who has food business stalls/hotels / FMCG category of business? A food license is very important for any food-related business that operates in India. without a food license selling a food product or service, it is a crime. Fssai Online Provides a service for a decade. This license is a 14-digit number which provides proof that the business follows standards related to quality as per the requirements of the FSSAI. The quality of products would not only be determined by their substance, but the packaging, manufacturing, and food processing would also be considered under the meaning of quality.

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Who Needs FSSAI License?

According to the Food Safety Standard Act, any food business operator who is doing business requires an FSSAI license and must comply with food safety and regulation in India

  • Slaughtering units
  • Dairy units
  • The vegetable oil processing unit
  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Distributor
  • Meat processing unit
  • Storage ( Controlled & cold)
  • Every food processing unit including relabelled and repackers
  • Club/ Canteen
  • Hotel
  • Supplier
  • Storage (Cold/ Refrigerated)
  • Storage (Except controlled atmosphere)
  • Restaurant
  • Dhaba, Food catering
  • Marketer
  • Transporter

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    • Address Proof
    • Photo Id Proof
    • Passport Photo
    • Blue Print/ layout Plan
    • List Of Food Category
    • Import Export Code
    • MOA And AOA
    • Water Test Report
    • NOC From Municipality
    • List of equipments
    • Incorporation Certificate
    • List Of Directors /Partners


    FSSAI is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety. The FSSAI is headed by a non-executive Chairperson, appointed by the Central Government, either holding or has held the position of not below the rank of Secretary to the Government of India.

    FSSAI Registration is a basic license and it is required for all the FBOs involved in the small-scale food business.
    FSSAI registration is mandatory compliance that ensures the safety of food products supplied or manufactured by various establishments in India. It is a food safety certificate issued by the respective food authority of India.
    The types of FSSAI Food licenses are:
    • Basic FSSAI Registration- Annual turnover of less than Rs. 12 Lakhs
    • State FSSAI Licence- Annual turnover between Rs.12 Lakhs- Rs. 20 crores
    • Central FSSAI Licence- Annual turnover more than Rs.20 crores
    • Authorization to an individual to collect tax on behalf of the Government.
    FSSAI license validity ranges from 1 to 5 years, and it depends on the number of years the food administrator chooses.
    Food business operators operating in more than two States must obtain a Central License for their registered office/head office and a separate license/registration for each unit depending on the capacity/sales from the State / Central Licensing Authority concerned.
    All Food business operators including pharmacies or medical stores selling Health supplements or Nutraceutical products need to apply for the FSSAI license or registration.
    The FSSAI license or registration cannot be renewed if it is not applied within 30 days from the expiry of license/registration. Once the license/registration is expired, the FBO has to apply afresh.
    The DO may suspend the license of a Food Business Operator (FBO) if they are not complying with the improvement notice. The DO may also cancel the license, after giving the FBO an opportunity to show cause.


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